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HOPE STEP JAPAN! is a collective of Japanese residents in the Netherlands who are concerned with issues that have arisen since the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011, called “311″ in Japan.

HOPE STEP JAPAN was formed after 311 and since the first anniversary of the disaster we have organized various fundraising and awareness events in different locations. During our exhibitions and cultural events, we invite speakers such as working professionals from different fields or concerned citizens in and from Japan, to talk about the most important issues related to post 311 Japan from different angles.

Our mission is to create a platform for people who are concerned about and willing to learn and be connected to the issues related to 311. By studying different subjects and rethinking our current living conditions together, we want to apply the findings to our daily life and discover positive steps forward that can be relevant beyond any borders or nationalities. We hope not only for Japan but for the entire globe to build a safer environment for future generations.

Stichting Hope Step Japan!
Lucellestraat 35-III
1055HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
KVK: 59346582
IBAN: NL25 TRIO 0197 8946 23
Board members
Chairman: Emiko Chujo
Treasurer: Johanna Jacoba van den Bergh
Secretary: Gerrit Baron
Hope Step Japan!2015 staff member
Kazuhiro Agatsuma
Emiko Chujo
Takako Hamano
Ayumi Matsuda
Kazushi Matsumoto
Peer de Rijk (Wise international)
Moyuru Watanabe
Kazuko Yoshida

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Team Jumping-Power Plant
Moyuru Watanabe
Kazuhiro Agatsuma
Misato Nabeto



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