Concerts & Performances | Hope Step Japan! 2013

14.30 l Kamishibai “The Story of Hans Brinker” Illustrations by Alex de Wolf

Alex, an illustrator for this Kamishibai, has chosen this story by wishing that both children and adults will be able to feel and think about questions around the safety myth of nuclear power plants. This story also communicates his idea of ‘all existence is transient including man-made creation, therefore no perfect things exist’. Kamishibai was brought from Japan to the Netherlands. Now a Dutch person brings Kamishibai back to Japan and tries to tell an important message to the Japanese people. During this event, Kamishibai will be performed by children who live in the Netherlands. Please come and listen to the story!ome and listen to the story!

19.40 l Dance Performance “A VOICE”

Since the earthquake shocked us all, artists have been asking themselves what they could do through their creativities for a year. Amsterdam based dancers Makiko Ito (JP) and Eiichi Kimura (JP), Tashi Iwaoka (JP), Sayaka Akitsu, and some more guest dancers will created an improvisation performance as a memorial to the people in Tohoku.

Live stamp workshop | Masaaki Oyamada

Live Sakura stamping / Stamp “Hanasaka jiisan” (a fable character who made cherry blossoms magically bloom with the ashes of the spirit of his beloved dog) For Japanese people, the month of March symbolizes the season where we await the coming of spring with the opening of Cherry blossoms. It is a special season where we check the weather and forecast of where the Sakura (Cherry blossoms) is blooming. We make plans to see our friends and colleagues for Hanami, or the special occasion of watching the cherry blossoms with food and drinks. We converse with our close ones while drinking sake. Sakura is a symbol of spring and often is used in art to represent a new beginning. However, after the 3.11 disaster, we cannot help but say the image of beautiful Japan has become that of tsunami and nuclear radiation. Japan is beautiful. During the event last time, we could spread such a positive image again with many participants by collaboratively using stamps of sakura. The outcome with beautiful cherry blossom has cut in pieces and given as a souvenir for visitors.

Concert “Musica d’amore” by Utako Arakawa , Asako Ogawa , Ayumi Matsuda

Message from Musicians; We believe that music has a power to bring people together and it tells many stories to heal deep side of our mind. The programme [ Musica D'amore] was built by power of music.