Eco Life & Kids Activity | Hope Step Japan 2012

The presentation of Dongeschool(Amsterdam zuid) students

Last year, right after the earthquake in Japan, Donge School supported my donation activity a lot. We were very happy that children and teachers were so open to us. This year, those students (11-12 years old) from Donge school again joined this event. They watched two documentaries about Fukushima by Dutch major TV programs. We displayed their presentations at the venue. The ideas of the children were amazing and I could see how serious they were from their eyes… This presentation had attended to eco-genius contest and got “van Gogh awards”.

Kids Room – from kids’ point of view -

It was vital to include children to this event to think about better future. Right now many Japanese children mainly in Fukushima are exposed everyday to radiation caused by the nuclear power plant that adults decided to build. Therefore we wanted children, together with their parents, to know the situation in Japan and then think about future energy. In the Kids room people could explore energy by playing games and toys or participating art work.

Eco Life Booth & Performance

Under the context of innovative energy forms, we addressed saving electricity and non-electric power.

In the Eco Life booth we had an interview video and providing information about ecological lifestyle, such as a self sustainable solar energy house in Leiden ‘Centraal Wonen’ and an eco village in Germany ‘OKODORE’.

Along with a presentation and a comedy show of ‘Eco-products’ which were supported by eco product shop ‘eco-logish’ we shared forgotten ‘granny’ wisdoms that could be easily implemented.

Centraal Wonen

Energetic comedy performance by Eco&logie

Forgotten ‘granny’ wisdoms