ECO GENIUS CONTEST | Hope Step Japan 2012

Congratulations for winners! Moreover, thank you very much for all of your participations to ECO GENIUS CONTEST. We are glad to receive fantastic 53 ideas and drawings. All of them are inspiring and beautiful. Hope Step Japan is wishing everybody an inspiring and innovative life. Special thanks to Eco-logisch‘s sponsorship.

▶Hope Step Japan Award(1p)…the best idea: horizon fuel cell car Name: Nishado

▶DORAEMON Award(1p)…the best dreamy idea: penguin light Name: Anna

▶Energetic Award(1p)…the best sporty idea: power pedal Name:Doron

▶van Gogh Awards(2p)…the best drawing ideas: drawing set Name:Donge School


▶Sazae-san Award(1p)…the best eco life idea: eco cup 6p Name: Uno

▶A happy rainy day Award(1p)…the best idea of rainy day: rain coat Name: Naomi and Mio

Business model Awards….the best business ideas Bamboo business card holder , eco pen, Name : Thijs


Eco botton Name : Olger

▶Tender Animism Award (Sayaka Akitsu Award): “Put a Sweater On” a flower vase with a sweater on Name: Allaya

▶Mini Genious Award: stapler Name: Lars Kynde

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