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Support Asako House that resists the construction of Oma-nuclear power plant

Asako House is a log house located nearby a nuclear power plant under construction called “Oma” in Oma city, Aomori. The late Ms. Asako Kumagaya built this log house. She had been against the construction of “Oma” and never gave up hold of her land in order to resist the construction. Since her death, her daughter Ms. Atsuko Ogasawara has been taking over the resistance and is looking after the house.

The only road to Asako House is under threat of being barricaded by DENGEN KAIHATSU (Electricity Source Development), the company commissioned to build the nuclear power plant. The company recently attempted closing down the road, claiming no one is using it. In response, Ms. Ogasawara is calling out people all over the world to post her a card or a letter. In this way maintaining a flow of traffic on the road by the postman’s daily delivery. Which will proof that life is still going in the house; making it harder for DENGEN KAIHTSU to ignore the presence of Asako House and complete the plant’s construction.

In the event HOPE STEP JAPAN! We set up a stand where people could buy postcards and stamps that is currently sent to support Asako House one by one everyday by the organizers hand.

To support this activity continuously…

You can send a card to the address;
Asako House Ms. Atsuko Ogasawara, c/o Asako House, 396 Aza Ko-okoppe, Oh-aza Ohma, Ohma Machi, Shimokita Gun, Aomori Prefecture, JAPAN 039-4601

More information about Asako House:

Making a flag to support the anti nuclear manifestation at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Tokyo

After the nuclear accident in Fukushima, the people of Japan began to act for a society without nuclear power. However, the voice of these people has failed to be heard by the government. As opposed to the wishes of most people in Japan, the government in collaboration with big electric companies continue to supply electricity by nuclear energy. In reaction, a tent was built in front of the Japanese ministry of economy, trade and industry. Representing all the anti-nuclear movements in Japan. In order to support their action, we planed to send the tent as well our voice from the Netherlands by writing our messages on a white flag during the event.

Link to webpage of the tent (in Japanese, but you can watch the live stream from USTREAM)

Petition & Donation

We would like to raise funds for people in disaster area. You can join us by following ways;

1) Direct Donation – Donate to following organizations by PC set in the venue.

Restart Japan
Omocha Express
Ashinaga Ikueikai
Japan Art Donation

2) Fund-Raising Box – Donate to following three projects by fund raising boxes set in the venue. *

Watarido Pokapoka Project – Child Care Support
Tsunagari-Nukumori Project – General Support
Minami-Sanriku Ryosi Genki Project(only in Japanese. description below) - Local Business Support

In Sanriku coast of North West Japan, there is a treasure trove of seafood called, Utatsu beach. Minami-Sanriku Ryoshi Genki project is organized to support young fishermen of Miyagi Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative Youth Division, Utatsu branch. This is project raise funds by donations and donor of this project will receive seafood from Utatsu when the fishery is restored. *

This project is organized by local business owners who support reconstruction of Utatsu fishery. The donated funds (excluding administration costs) will be used to buy fishing gears such as boats & fishing equipments to reconstruct the Utatsu fishery. Also, the funds will be used for other fisheries in Sanriku area that need urgent support & are approved by Miyagi Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative.
*Unfortunately, delivery to the Netherlands is unavailable.

3) Consume Goods & Foods in venue

Peace Jam
- Ogatsuishi Reconstruction Project(only in Japanese)
Asako House
Europe Yakuzen

4) Take home a list of other donations that could not covered in venue.

Link to the document, click here.

5) Entrance fees and profits from products other than above 3) will be donated to “Fumbaro East Japan Project .

Please check following link for details.

Also, we would like to support Japan by signing petitions for disaster recovering projects and anti-nuclear projects.

To begin with, please see this page where you can attend to petitions right NOW.
We appreciate your kind support in advance!