Food & Shopping Hope Step Japan 2012

Europe Yakuzen “Medicinal cuisine”

If you hear the word of “Medicinal Cuisine”, probably many people may imagine using “Chinese herbal medicine”.
All food has an efficacy of a medicine. If we have cooking method to stand to reason for health., we can call “Medicinal Cuisine”. Europe Yakuzen interpreted as “Medicinal Cuisine”of “enjoy the vegetable. enjoy your life”.
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Zunda mochi

Zunnda mochi is a traditional sweet from North East Japan. It is popular in Tohoku area; Miyagi, Fukushima and Yamagata prefectures. It’s made from soft rice-cakes topped with sweet green soya-bean paste. Nowadays it’s particular delicious taste is famous all over Japan. For Hope Step Japan, we adopted a different ingredient for the topping made from peas (in dutch Erwten bonen) because it is not possible to get fresh green soya beans in the Netherlands. You are welcome to enjoy the fusion of tastes!

Rejuvenating local industry project “Peace Jam” for Mothers in Tsunami hit area

Kesennuma was one of the fishing ports severely hit by the tsunami. As well as the many, many people lost, almost all the industries were swept away. A local man, himself a victim, initiated the Peace Jam project. He began by delivering necessities such as powdered milk and diapers to mothers with babies. Kyoko Onishi worked with him to initiate a cottage industry and contributed her recipes. The mothers of the babies are producing “Peace Jam” from local fruits and vegetables as a way to rejuvenate local industry. Peace Jams are sold in Tokyo and online. A percentage of sales of Peace Jam go toward producing more Peace Jam and the remaining profits go directly to the mothers in Kesennuma. A share of the profits from Kyoko Onishi’s European sales of vegetable compotes is also donated to Kesennuma. You can see current activity from the links below:
Website | Peace jam Project/
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