Hope Step Japan! 2014

Three years after the disaster.

What have we learned from it?

Live streaming video by Ustream
Hope Step Japan! 2014

SAT 08 March 2014 13.00 — 20.00
@ Mediamatic Fabriek

Address: VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG Amsterdam
* 5 euros for membership of Mediamatic, 3 euros will be supporting our activities.


13:00 Open
13:10 Talk: Skype talk The research into radiation exposure of farm animals in Chernobyl and Fukushima over the past three years by Yoichi Matsuki
14:20 Talk: Can the Japanese People Stop Nuclear Power?, by Kjeld Duits and Naoko Richters
15:30 Presentation: Reflecting on the three years after 3/11, by Wim Turkenburg
15:40 Discussion: Round table discussion Energy policy without nuclear with Peer de Rijk (moderator, WISE International) Liesbeth van Tongeren (2e kamer GroenLinks, Naoko Richters, representative of Hope Step Japan!, Wim Turkenburg and more guest speakers.
16:50 Kamishibai&music performance  by Donge school kids and Ayumi & Hikaru Matsuda
17:30 Presentation: The Mycelium Project of Mediamatic, by Willem Velthoven, Mediamatic
18:10 Performance by Sato Endo, Tashi Iwaoka, Ismaera, Ayumi Matsuda, Yui Nakagami, Christiaan, Naomi Sato
18:30 Cinema evening A2-B-C by Ian Thomas Ash

All day

Workshop: Hope Step Post by Masaaki Oyamada
Workshop: Fukushima Namazu by Arne Hendriks
Workshop: Jumping-Power Plant by Team HSJ
Workshop: Kids corner by Team HSJ
Exhibition: The Sound of March 11 by Yota Morimoto
Exhibition: PURBomb by Erwin Nederhoff
Exhibition: screening organized by Satellietgroe
Exhibition: PIRATE Cinema
Screening: Zone—The life that did not exist by Naotoshi Kitada
Report: Three years after Fukushima: a visual and chronological picture by HSJ accusation team
Handout: Possible influence on animals and plants due to radioactive contamination by Animal Rights for Japan
HSJ Library( Interviews, publications): Video Interviews of Kyoko Onishi, Toshio Yanagihara
Food: various yummy food stands!