Jumping-power plant


“Jumping-Power Plant” is one of the projects that Hope Step Japan! (HSJ) initiates. It’s a group of Japanese scientists, engineers and creators in the Netherlands who have been working seriously in order to realize the dream of generating electricity by jumping.


The idea was born some decades ago, when the team leader Moyuru Watanabe was a small girl, hearing adults concerns about the nuclear power plant in her neighbourhood. The idea of generating power by jumping instead of nuclear power passed through her mind.


When the disaster struck in 2011 in Japan she suddenly remembered the idea and started to think seriously about how to make it work. 

In March 2014 the team presented the initial idea at Hope Step Japan! event. Since then the team has been experimenting and researching to make the dream happen.


November in 2014 we successfully created the prototype of the “Jumping-Power Plant “ for a small trampoline, which was presented 2015 version of Hope Step Japan!.


Jumping-power Plant is aiming to raise awareness in innovative technology by generating energy that contributes to a safer and sustainable society. We hope Jumping-Power Plant demonstration gives you a chance to have fun and learn about the latest technology.


During the event in March 2015 at Lloyd Hotel (Photographs by Malicamera)



During the Camera Japan event in October 2014


2014_12014_4 2014_5

During the event in March 2014 at Mediamatic


Team Jumping-Power Plant
Moyuru Watanabe
Kazuhiro Agatsuma
Misato Nabeto
Sachi Miyachi
Gabey Tjon a Tham (Guest Artist 2016-2017)
Special thanks to: 
Robin, Masaaki Oyamada (graphic designer / art director), Masaya Takeda (graphic designer / art director), Kapitaal (silkscreen workshop in Utrecht)