Screening and other activities | Hope Step Japan! 2012

Screening: documentary film Recits de Fukushima (Alain de Halleux, 2012)

This documentary consists of 8 episodes (8 min each). Screening took place in a dark space together with other video documentaries. French Belgian filmmaker Alain de Halleux, who’s work Tchernobyl forever (2011) is well known, has made this film in Fukushima after the Japan earthquake. ” there is no solution to Fukushima, but we have to change our lives in order not to let such a disaster happen again”. With this message from the director, we wish many people will be able to view the film. This film (Dutch subtitled version) is online from March 6th, 2012. Trailer

HSJ takes part in the All-World All-Japan Human ERROR One Million Person Parade by Frying Dutchman

we supported our proud friends, Frying Dutchman and his project.

the following is the quotation from their human error parade press release. Since 3/11, Frying Dutchman has been outraged at the Japanese government’ s response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Instead of trying to return Fukushima to normal, the government is worsening the radiation contamination and essentially abandoning the survivors of the disaster. Through our CD single “HumanERROR,” released on August 22, we have expressed our sincere feelings. Thanks to our fans’ support, our “Human ERROR” video on YouTube was viewed over 30,000 times in the first month online and is now being played all over the world. We realized anew the power of music and believe that now is the chance for us to come together as one. As we approach March 11, 2012—the first anniversary of that unrecoverable disaster—a massive wave of resistance to nuclear power and of support for the survivors is taking shape all over Japan. Music can connect all of these people—those taking part in demonstrations and rallies, people taking action with their friends or families, and even people praying at home by themselves. That’ s why we decided to hold the All-World All-Japan Human ERROR One Million Person Parade. We hope all of you can take part. Frying Dutchman official site Youtube “human ERROR” by Frying Dutchman

Santi’s accusation room

Santi shown his archive about how media released and unreleased Fukushima issue. It was a place to encounter the truth, aimed at building a solid foundation towards directing our future better.


SOS from Minamisoma part 2 “What is the most dangerous?”

Satirical German TV Clip about TEPCO & Japanese Gov. (with English Subtitles)

Free From Nuclear Power Plant / Seihuku Kojyo Iinkai

Japan Nuclear meltdown Crimes against Humanity Kevin D. Blanch, It is criminal


Absurd reality Children Living in “Hot Spots” in High-Radiation District: “I’m Scared of Radiation”

Japanese Government’s CM Campaign: “Let’s Support East Japan by Eating!”

SOS from Mayor of Minami Soma City, next to the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan–cK40&feature=player_embedded

Japanese government killing its own people in Fukushima

Japan Ignored Own Fukushima Radiation Forecasts

”Decon” in Fukushima by CBS (Jan.16,2012)

BBC This World 2012 Inside the Meltdown

Japanese Intellectuals Talk about Fukushima (26/Mar/2011)

“Deadly” long-distance relay race for women in Fukushima

“I’m really concerned about the long-term health effects on people from Northern Japan”

‘Harmless’ Xenon cloud is known to cause dramatic increase in lung cancer

Japanese government still refusing to evacuate Fukushima children

TEPCO blamed for Fukushima farmer’s death

Inside the Fukushima evacuation zone