Concerts & Performances | Hope Step Japan! 2012

Live Sakura stamping | Stamp “Hanasaka jiisan” – a durational performance

Live Sakura stamping / Stamp “Hanasaka jiisan”

(a fable character who made cherry blossoms magically bloom with the ashes of the spirit of his beloved dog)

For Japanese people, the month of March symbolizes the season where we await the coming of spring with the opening of Cherry blossoms. It is a special season where we check the weather and forecast of where the Sakura (Cherry blossoms) is blooming. We make plans to see our friends and colleagues for Hanami, or the special occasion of watching the cherry blossoms with food and drinks. We converse with our close ones while drinking sake.

Sakura is a symbol of spring and often is used in art to represent a new beginning.
However, after the 3.11 disaster, we cannot help but say the image of beautiful Japan has become that of tsunami and nuclear radiation. Japan is beautiful. This time we could spread such a positive image again with many participants by collaboratively using stamps of sakura. The outcome with beautiful cherry blossom has cut in pieces and given as a souvenir for visitors.

Masaaki Oyamada

Based in Den haag. He came to Holland in 2005. After working in a dutch design agency he became an independent graphic designer and stamp artist. “ONE STAMP in a day” is a project where he creates a stamp from a story of a person he meets. Other projects include drawing pictures using stamps.

Dance & music performance

Makiko Ito & Michael Schumacher with live Music by DJ Sniff

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Flute and Kid’s music concert

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Mia Cecille, Hikaru Angelopoulos, Chikako Watanabe, Ayumi Matsuda, Yoshiyuki Mitsuhashi, Hitomi Matsuyama
Donge school girls;Meike (vocal), Marye (keyboard), Isis (violin), Luka (guitar), Hannah (cello)

Okido ”Yoga demonstration What you can do for taking charge of your own health – your body in your daily life”

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Yoga is a daily practice that awakes your maximal natural balancing ability which is immanent in our bodies. Okido yoga activates that immanent bodily function through rectifying the positions of the organs by Asana poses. By correcting the inner body balance we can keep ourselves in a good condition and build a healthy and strong body against illness, diseases or viruses. Following this, it suggests that we could find a way to survive in undesired environments when our bodies are kept in their correct balances. Two Okido Yoga teachers, Mizue and Monika demonstrated some of the yoga pauses and their daily applications to the visitors as opportunity to find the benefits of self conditioning through yoga.

After a few intensive lectures in the late afternoon, our bodies needed to move and stretch, and our brains as well needed some fresh air. Two Okido yoga teachers, Mizue and Monika brought us short, but very effective demonstrations. People were very happy to try them out and many people joined the demonstration and did some asana poses together. Other audiences were attentively listening to the explanations given by the teachers. This programme was successfully ended with a calm and happy atmosphere and put smiles on the visitors’ face. It was certainly a good opportunity for the visitors to experience yoga.