Masaru Nakajima

11:10 Skype talk / “Spreading the Small Hydraulic Power and Natural Energy from the villages and town all over Japan: the present situation and the challenges” By Masaru Nakajima, Secretary-General of J-WatER (Japanese association for Water Energy Recovery)

After the Fukushima nuclear accident, natural energy came to attract strong attention in Japan.  Feed-in tariff  (FIT) for natural energy power generation was introduced in 2012 to facilitate this. Rethinking of power companies’ regional monopoly prompted power system reforms. Interconnection between regions, liberalization of electricity sales and the separation of power generation and power distribution are scheduled to be implemented by 2020. At the same time, introduction of smart grid and smart meters are being discussed. Among those movements, small hydraulic power is seen in a new light as a means of rural revitalization as well as a power source.

In this program, we will listen to a presentation by Mr. Nakajima, Secretary-General of J-WatER, a nation-wide organization that promotes the use of small hydraulic power, and a natural energy and energy policy expert for 30 years. He will talk about the situation, policy, future direction and challenges of small hydraulic power as well as other natural energies in Japan, by introducing the point of view from the countryside that is hardly shown on foreign media in particular. We heartily welcome an audience who are interested in local revitalization as well as the energy issues.

Masaru Nakajima
The secretary-general of J-WatER (Japanese association for Water Energy Recovery)