16:50 “FURUSATO” (Home Sweet Home) Kamishibai&music performance

Kamishibai by Donge school Kids and “Niko & Hikaru”
story was written by Ayumi Matsuda
drawing: Donge school kids
Story teller: Niko Bocev
Music: Hikaru Angelopoulos

Song: ” Hana wa Saku ” (Flowers Will Bloom) “,  Utako Arakawa (soprano), Ayumi Matsuda (recorder)

Kamishibai is a unique culture for children which originated in Japan around the year 1930. It consists of a certain number of separate sheets of thick paper, and it always needs a performer to convey the story to the audience.
This year, everything were made by ourselves. the story, drawing and Music.
The story is based on reality. title, FURUSATO means “Home Sweet Home”.
What we should do if we wants to give our planet as a safe and a beautiful place for next generation!

The song “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom) is a song to support the 3.11 disaster recovery efforts. The lyrics are a message from those who lost their lives to the people they left behind.