Jumping-power plant 2014 (All day workshop)

“Jumping-power plant” aims to generate the electricity by jumping.
We will introduce you the back ground of the idea, the mechanism of this plant
and the new Japanese technology which can bring the idea into the reality.
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When Ms. Moyuru Watanabe, who came up with the idea of  ”Jumping-power plant”
heard my parents talking about how the Nuclear power plan are dangerous,
an idea came up my mind.”how about using the Jumping-Power ?
Thanks to the progress of the technology this fantasy is no longer an dream.
Our researcher will explain how we can generate the electricity by jumping.
And we also focus on the Japanese technology for energy efficiency
which has been implemented after the disaster and they has shown successful results.
We jumping-power plant aims to generate the electricity by jumping.
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Special thanks to:
Masaaki Oyamada (graphic designer / art director),
Masaya Takeda (graphic designer / art director) and,
Kapitaal (silkscreen workshop in Utrecht)