Video Interviews of Kyoko Onishi, Toshio Yanagihara

Interviews on video – “After 3 years and from now on (All day program)

Kyoko Onishi of Europe Yakuzen and Toshio Yanagihara from The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial who had talked in our past events tell us how their activities have been going since, their view on looking back the last 3 years and visions for the near future. Please take time to listen to them who have been working with their dignities.

Kyoko Onishi
Has resided in Europe for 32 years and taught methods for cooking according to a medical diet since 1981. After the earthquake which struck Japan in 2011, she began to give seminars on the self-protection food against radioactivity in Fukushima. In 2013, she moved her base to Nara, Japan and started supporting activities for Tohoku (north east Japan) including a correspondence course in ‘the self-protection food against radioactivity’. In addition to this, Kyoko is working on developing a direct protection through foods and preparing a summer evacuation camp for children in Fukushima.

Toshio Yanagihara/ Save the Children in Fukushima

We have been fighting on the court to evacuate the children of Fukushima who are in the great danger each and every moment. The district court of Koriyama City once rejected our request and we are now fighting on the high court. But, we cannot wait any longer. Otherwise, we would surely repeat the same tragedy as it happened in Chernobyl which caused a million death world-wide after the disaster.