Report / “Four years after Fukushima: Chronicle and Movies of the Gloomy Truth” by HSJ accusation team

The worst nuclear power plant accident in the history – it happened only 4 years ago. However, our memories are getting vague, fading and transforming.  But should we leave it as it is?  Now, as if making use of such blanks in our memory, new myths concerning nuclear safety and technology are appearing, the fact of the accident and the victims are treated as if they don’t exist, the compensations are cut, the examination of the accident and pursuit of the liability are neglected. Instead, even the restart of shutdown nuclear reactors is being discussed like a due schedule.

On the other hand, the problems of the severe nuclear accident are far from being solved. It produces many radiation-exposed workers, secondary disasters and huge radioactive waste every day.  Many people still live in temporary housing, the high-level nuclear waste does not have anywhere to go and the radioactive contamination of the groundwater is getting worse.

At that time, did we hope for or expect a future like this?  At that time, what did we think of, what did we get angry about, and what did we grieve for? We pick up the gaps in reporting on the four years since the Fukushima nuclear accident, put them together into a chronological table and video images in order to review the current of history, in the hope to find a new view of things.

“Anyone who closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present.” (R. von Weitzsäcker)