Donation for Kumamoto Earthquake

© Takao Kanno
© Takao Kanno
Dear people in the Netherlands and elsewhere
Let’s support Kumamoto and its people in need of help.
On 14 April 2016, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit the area of Kumamoto. Continuous series of aftershocks triggered a number of landslides as well as the collapse and cracking of major roadways. As of 19 April, 45 people are killed, 8 people are missing and more than 1000 people are injured by the series of earthquakes. More than 95.000 people have been evacuated to 641 evacuation centers. Tens of thousands of Self-Defense Forces members, police officers and firefighters are performing rescue operations, working on restoration, and transporting relief goods through the entire prefecture.
Hope Step Japan! has decided to collect donations and send them to local organisations which have been working hard to help people affected by the earthquakes in Kumamoto. This might be the only way in which we can support the victims from abroad.
We would like to send the donations to the local government and to a volunteer group, with the hope that it will provide comfort to people in sorrow. Please send us your donation before May 1st. We will then transfer the sum minus the transaction fee directly to the organisations. A lower transaction fee means more money reaches the victims. Please make use of this opportunity.
How to donate
Please transfer the desired amount to Hope Step Japan! (IBAN: NL25 TRIO 0197 8946 23), with the keywords “Donation for Kumamoto” in the description. Please mention it in the description if you would like to donate to one of the organisations in particular. If you do not state a preference, we will divide the amount equally among the two organisations.

Organisations we would like to support
Local government of Kumamoto Prefecture
The Office of Welfare and Urban Planning, Health and Welfare Policy Division is accepting donations. The collected funds will be used to the benefit of the victims. (Japanese only)
Private volunteer group: Kumamoto Support Team (熊本支援チーム)
This group was formed shortly after the 3.11 disaster took place in Tohoku in 2011. Since then they have been working actively to help victims in Fukushima. They are now working hard to help people affected by the earthquakes, especially the ones in places out of the government’s reach.
Facebook (Japanese only)

813.87 euro (99397yen) to Local government of Kumamoto Prefecture,
863.87 euro (about 105503yen) to Private volunteer group: Kumamoto Support Team have been donated. Thank you very much for your support.